Wynnona Earp nominated for a Canadian Screen Award

Our team was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the Best Visual Effects category for Wynonna Earp, a supernatural series with a large and devoted fan base.

For episode 12 of season 3 we were tasked with creating a challenging asset: The Bulshar Demon snake man.

The Bulshar look was formed through a creative collaboration between Emily Andras (showrunner) and our MARZ team. We decided that the Bulshar Snake head and body should be a combination of real footage and Computer Generated (CG) elements. The snake concept was inspired by the black mamba and cobra. To ensure realistic detail, we scanned the actor at Quantum Capture’s facicliy and used macro texturing for his skin surface. Our asset supervisor then sculpted and painted the final proof of concept.

Our CG supervisor and his team performed tracking, match move, and animation for the shots once the model was fully rigged by our Technical Director. Our lighting supervisor then built a custom light rig that allowed us to streamline the entire lighting process and ensure consistency on a tight deadline.

Our compositing supervisor and his team blended the real actors and digital double together. Our compositors finalized and delivered the shots in short order. The entire process, from concept to delivery, took two weeks.

We are very thankful that the academy recognized our work and we look forward to attending the ceremony!


Mike Poretti - Asset Supervisor

Anthony Dechellis - CG Supervisor

Ethan Lee - Technical Director

James Higuchi - Lighting Supervisor

Mike Kwan - Compositing Supervisor

Frank Calero & Jeff Bruneel - Senior Compositors