The Umbrella Academy earns Emmy nomination for Outstanding VFX

The first season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has snagged an Emmy nomination in Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

The team at Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies is proud to have worked on hundreds of shots in the 10-episode series, which was also nominated at the 71st Emmy Awards for Outstanding Production Design.

Based on Gerard Way’s comic book series, the show—which was shot in Ontario—drew more than 45 million viewers within its first month of release on Netflix, and is currently in production for a second season.

The nominated team includes Visual Effects Supervisors Everett Burrell, Chris White, Jeff Campbell, Sebastien Bergeron and Sean Schur, as well as Visual Effects Producers Steve Dellerson, Libby Hazell, and Carrie Richardson, with Visual Effects Production Manager Misato Shinohara.

The MARZ team who worked on the Umbrella Academy is listed below:

Nathan Larouche - VFX Supervisor

Ryan Stasyshyn - VFX Producer

Rosalie Hansen - VFX Production Manager

Shamiran Graungaard - VFX Coordinator

Akshay Dandekar - VFX Editor

James Higuchi - Lighting Supervisor

Parastu Rezaie - VFX Lighter

Tony Linka - VFX Lighter

Jordan Lipstock - Matte Painting Supervisor

Kaiser Thomas - Matte Painter

Mike Kwan - Compositing Supervisor

Yash Gowda - 2D Prep Supervisor

Kevin McGeigh - Compositing TD

Avi Botbol - Compositor

Mitchell Beaton - Compositor

Perunika Yorgova - Compositor

Jeff Bruneel - Compositor

Juan Francisco Calero Hueso - Compositor

Adam Graves - Compositor

Paul Sterling - Compositor

Anthony De Chellis - CG Supervisor

Michael Enzbrunner - 3D Generalist

Mike Poretti - Asset Supervisor

Farnia Fekri